• Tonya Burns

Virtual Consulting is here to stay!

Would anyone believe where we are today? Let’s face it, most of us didn’t really think this “Pause” was real. But, this virus showed its might quickly. In this time of unexpected change in our reality, I got the best advice from a trusted mentor, Vanessa Emerson. Vanessa said, “…sometimes you will find bends in the road. You either decide to bend with it or you end up in the ditch.” Well, I’m happy to say, we are bending……….

Our entire philosophy in our Coaching business is designed around on-site support. It is effective, measurable, and fun!! But, in our new reality, practices may need help but funds for travel may not exist. We never want that to get in the way of helping anyone. We are proud to announce our new Virtual Consulting Programs!

You may think that virtual consulting has been around forever. Often times, someone schedules a call with your office, gives your team advice, and then asks for reports at the end of the day. In the past you may have realized that that particular kind of consulting doesn't work well for your office. Well, we completely agree! What we are offering is not like that at all. In fact, we want to be down in the trenches with you. We want to work beside you and help you as much as we can. With technology such as Skype and Facetime, zoom even, we can be with you without being physically with you. We don't just want reports at the end of the day to see if our advice worked. Being there with you virually is the answer and It’s brilliant!!

With virtual consulting we will still have our monthly meetings. During those meetings we can focus on our big training topics along with solution discovery. In addition, we schedule time to “work” virtually along side you. Whether it is watching computer processes or patient interaction, we can do that, utilizing simple technology you already have.

LeBron James needs a coach, The New England Patriots need a coach and YOU need a coach! Let some of the best in consulting help your team today. We can help you maximize efficiency, increase revenue and have a happier team. What are you waiting for? Call Complete Dental Practice Consulting today!



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