• Tonya Burns

Standard of Care

Many Dentists ask us how often they should take pano's, bw, apply fluoride, etc.   My answer always is, "What's your standard of care?"  

The bottom line is that it does not matter what anyone else thinks but you!  If you believe it, your patients will believe you when you give them the education.  Don't let insurance companies control your practice and how you run it!

What do the insurance companies even know?  They know that someone bought two exams and prophy's per year for their clients.  Does that mean that they need two exams and cleanings per year?  You tell them!!  Maybe they need 4 visits, because their oral health is diseased and they need Periodontal Therapy.  They certainly don't need 4 "deep cleanings"!  Stop using words that diminish disease and increase the patient looking for the insurance company to tell them what they need. 

Stop asking questions about what insurance will do and start following the Standard of Care you believe in!  Your patients will love you for it and you will serve them at a much higher level! 

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