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Meet our Team, Daun Gregory

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

It's time for another Meet our Team! Daun Gregory is our Business Manager and has been working with us since the beginning.

Daun started her career as a Purchasing Assistant for three years while she attended College for Special Education. After graduating from Indiana University at South Bend with a degree in Education she then moved into teaching and was a Special Education teacher for 4 years. Daun then took a break from teaching to become a full time Mom to her two kids along with helping her husband at home with their various farm animals.

Prior to working at CDPC she was working part time as a Pricing Specialist and Office Reports Specialist. While working for us Daun has been doing double duty working for both our companies, Natural Look Dental Studio and Complete Dental Practice Consulting, as the Office/Business Manager.

"I have been blessed to be with CDPC from the beginning. I have had the opportunity to watch Tonya continuously grow and develop the company. As the Business Manager I am able to implement my office skills I acquired in past positions as a Purchasing Assistant, Pricing Specialist and Office Report Manager. I am truly excited to be a part of this company, as it continues to grow and develop into wonderful things."

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