• Tonya Burns


Imagine this scenario: You are so excited! You just heard the most amazing presentation from the best presenter ever. You have also identified 3 things that you can start tomorrow, along with pages of notes of all the different things you can change in your practice. You just know that everyone on your team is going to be so excited for all that you learned and you can’t wait for Monday morning to tell them EVERYTHING!

Than along comes Monday, you wheel into work, park in your favorite spot, ready to take on the world! You are still on a high from that amazing presentation. You can’t wait to start your day. Then, your dental office and real life happens. The phone is ringing, patients are cancelling, a team member is out sick, blah, bablah, bablah! You are in the trenches of working in a dental practice. So, how do you implement all these great ideas??

Does any of this sound familiar? Have you experienced this before? When it comes down to it, this is normal, everyday life in a dental office. But it doesn’t have to be! What you need is a coach. Someone who can come in and help break the cycle of how you and your team have worked for any period of time.

Simone Biles, Patrick Mahomes, Team USA Soccer……… they all have a coach. They are just a couple of the best athletes in the world. A coach will see things they can’t see for themselves. Coaches develop people and teams to work together toward a common goal, while bringing out the best of their abilities.

The bottom line is less than 10% of all dental offices have coaches. Why is that? There are various reasons such as maybe they think the coach is too expensive, maybe they had one before that didn’t work, didn’t do what they promised….. the list goes on. The best thing to do when considering hiring a coach, before you look at cost, interview them to make sure they could give you what you needed. Likely, in the past, you chose what you thought you could afford, or was the cheapest you could find. Patients often do the same thing when choosing clinical treatment in your office. Let's break the cycle. Make the improvements you want to make by hiring a coach and be known for amazing practice, not the pricing you are charging. Makes complete sense doesn't it?

Coaching and Consulting is a great way to enhance your team, your practice and yourself to give you the practice that you wish you had. Whatever your vision, there is someone to help get you there. So, how many more Mondays are you going to go through the same mundane cycle and think you will get a new result?

written by owner and consultant, Tonya Burns

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