• Tonya Burns

How We Can Help Your Office With Staffing Issues

Tonya put together this video Wednesday on her facebook page in regards to staffing issues some of the offices we support are experiencing and a way she can help relieve some of your tasks by using Dental Robot. Have you heard about this exciting company? Listen as she explains how it can work for you and your practice.

Typically Pediatric Dental offices need more staff on hand because of the amount of patients that are seen. Unfortunately because of Covid and kids at home doing online learning, which is causing parents to stay home and it's making life difficult for everyone. Normally parents that work outside the home just can't right now and this is causing staffing issues within dental offices. What if Tonya told you about something that could help?

Tonya is working with a company called Dental Robot that works with dental offices that automate processes that are consistent and repetitive. This helps alleviate some of the work in the dental office. We don't ever want to replace the personal contact in a dental office, this would just be for those tasks that a human doesn't have to do. Personal contact is so important in a pediatric office as parents need reassurance and guidance from the staff. Dental Robot gives the office time, time for tasks that require that personal touch. It gives the office the availability to still work when they are shorter staffed. If you're an office that needs to pull back on your schedule because of staffing issues, let us introduce you to dental robot.

Dental Robot is automating over 100 different processes. Let their automation help your office get back to where you were before Covid. We can't control a lot of what is going on but this is something that has been a huge help to our offices. Let us know if we can help you get there.

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