• Tonya Burns

Coaches Need Coaching Too

My team and I with Bethany (far right) at a 2019 training.

This morning I had the incredible experience of spending a day with the great Bethany Piziks. Bethany owns a BraveHeart Gestalt Coaching, Inc. Bethany is an incredible leadership coach that I have been blessed to work with many times in the past. Why am I working with a leadership coach you ask? Because I feel that even coaches need to enhance their training and keep themselves relevant on their skills. In this session with her we worked on both the leadership skills that I like and some that I don’t like. Yes, I am aware of things that I need to improve on. Bethany is really helpful in helping me to work through those things and really pushes me to be better!

The beauty of northern Michigan, along with the crisp cool air was a perfect setting for my training. We were able to accomplish so much! Whenever I come to work with Bethany, I never know what to expect. Her skills are vast and exceptional! She always brings out exactly what you need. Today she taught me how to control an inner struggle with myself. I went through our session open minded and with an open heart to the results and luckily for me I got there! I often have two different voices inside of me that are working against each other and she helped me with the tools and techniques to work through that. This is huge for me! I can effectively take two different sides of my personality and use them together to be even stronger and more effective in my coaching!

But our training didn’t end there. We also discussed how we could help the general community working together. Our real focus of this weekend was to put together a workshop that we could help dentists and their teams build better leaders themselves within their practices. We are so excited about what we came up with. We were able to pull the framework together in just two short days.

So why is being an effective leader for your team so important? It sets the tones for everything.

Since Covid, dentistry is getting harder and harder. Keeping dental team members is hard, finding new team members is hard, and continuously training them is hard. Not to mention all the other necessary changes with PPE and keeping social distancing in tact. Dentistry has always been a challenging industry but these new times make it even more challenging. So how can we help dentists and their teams be more effective in the day to day and continue to love the profession that they have chose? How do we make the team excited to come to work? That is exactly what we have set out to do. We will be announcing later this fall a one-of-a-kind unique leadership training experience! We are so excited about what this is going to bring to dentistry and what it needs. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks and more on this great leadership workshop.

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