• Tonya Burns

Are you Busy or Productive?

Being busy is a good thing, right? Not always. When you walk away from your dental practice, do you feel you made the amount of money you should have for how hard you worked? If the answer is no, you are going through the daily motions of treating whomever is in your schedule, no rhyme or reason on why they were scheduled there and didn't produce the money you should have. This is being busy and busy is tiring! You and your dental team are suffereing from this daily grind. Get off the merry-go-round!

So often, we are stuck in a rut and can't look beyond what today brings, because you are too tired to do anything else. If you are tired, you are not the leader you need to be in your practice. You suffer, your patients suffer and most importantly, your team suffers. Yes, your team is the most important parts of that statement.

"Clients do not come first, Employees come first. If you take care of your Employees, they will take care of the Clients." - Richard Branson

What an amazing idea! Take care of the people that you employ and let them take care of your clients. Simple, easy and most importantly, PRODUCTIVE!

If you have always thought that being busy and being productive are the same thing, you are wrong. You can structure your day, to increase revenue $100-$500 an hour EASILY, just by changing a few key things in your office.

Biggest thing, The Schedule! Most dental practices let their patients dictate the schedule. Bad Choice! You run your schedule, your patients will conform. They are already cancelling and no showing for what they wanted anyway, right?

Office flow, Retention and Marketing are other key areas to this daily struggle. Solid systems will help make your day run smoother, and make a happier work place for everyone.

Make a change and positively impact your bottom line and support your team. They are who make all things possible, at least we hope. Being a great leader and supporting your team, will motivate them to work harder, have a voice and get your practice Productive instead of Busy!

So, I ask you again. Are you busy or productive?

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