• Tonya Burns

How does your Practice Management Software impact your day?

Almost every dental practice has a Practice Management Software, however not every practice utilizes it! The question is, Why?

Common things that prohibit dental practices from fully utilizing their software are; lack of training, fear of not having charts and losing power, not enough computers in the office or just not thinking it is necessary. I am here to tell you that if you want to keep your practice on the cutting edge, utilize technology and make it marketable when you are ready to sell, you need to start using your software more. No, I am not going to tell you what the best software on the market is or try and sell you on one in particular. My focus is to help Dentists and their practices be the most efficient, profitable and fun place to be. Software usage is a huge part of that. What software you need, depends on you and your team.

Dentistry is such a dynamic field to be in. It is ever changing and there is always something new we can offer patients. In this age, most of that is based on some sort of computer program. Yes, if the power goes out, you can't see anything. But how often does that happen? Fear of technology is just a "Yeah, but". If you are working with great IT people, they can help ensure minimal disruption in case of issues.

Patients love technology! They think it is amazing what they can see about their own oral health. Be careful that adding technology and increasing dental fees at the same time. If it feels like they are "paying for it", the impact is not as great.

The other way that your computer software can positively impact your day, is in systems. You can monitor your patients and ensure that no one slips through the cracks. Do you have patients slipping through the cracks in your practice? Do you spend money on marketing without real return on investment? The answer could be yes to both questions and it is killing your bottom line, in more ways than one.

Really look at your dental practice to see if it is reaching is fullest potential. If you don't think so, start with looking at your computer software and go from there.

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