• Tonya Burns

What is your "Ideal Team"?

Building your team and HR can be one of the most frustrating parts of owning your own Dental Practice. Attitude, dynamics, skill set, training, etc. The list is endless! What if you could turn that frustrating responsibility into the easiest part of your dental practice?

Just like every other successful part of your practice, you need a system for building your team and HR. It starts with the employment ad, where to place it and the interview process. Set the expectation for your practice from the start. Often, out of desperation, you hire a body just to fill a need, which sets you up for failure or worse, being held hostage by your team. Take Control!!


You have team meetings in your practice, or at least you should, to keep everyone informed of policy changes, data collection, enhancing communication and more. Do you train your team at these meetings? Hands on, go through the motions, training? Most practices don't. The mentality of "they should already know" takes over when in fact, it should be "They know, because I trained them.".

What is your training process? Do you have a written plan? Do you sign off on your employees skills? Practices are struggling everyday, because they allow the lack of communication and lack of training be acceptable. Time to break the cycle! Train your team the way you want it done! Let them be part of the process. Teams thrive in a practice they help to create. Let them contribute to the process. You saw their potential and strengths when hiring them, now put those skills to good use! Depending on the size of your practice, having a designated Team Trainer is a great benefit. Consistency in training is very successful.

An empowered team contributes to a successful practice! If you don't know where to start, we can help!

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