• Tonya Burns

Last Quarter of 2017 - What is your game plan?

Here we go! The final stretch of 2017! By now, you should have over half of 2018 planned and a marketing strategy at work for last quarter. You don't? You are not alone!

In my experience, most offices have not begun working on 2018, let alone end of year marketing strategies. Why not? Because they didn't think they needed to.

Planning your schedule 7+ months in advance and sticking too it is a key to success! When you have to move patients for your vacation(s), it creates undo stress on your staff and your patients. If you are a practice with a negative recall gap, it is impossible. It opens you up to lose great patients, because they don't feel like their time is valued by you! Not to mention, that it can create financial hardships on staff. That's right! I am including staff as part of the issue. In today's society, many dental staff members live paycheck to paycheck. Depending on length of employment, they may or may not have enough vacation time to cover your time off, that is, if you offer it. If you have your staff working when you are not there to produce, then you are losing money.

Marketing strategies are key in a dental practice! How much you spend, is up to you and whomever is guiding you on these things. Even if you are a practice that "does not market", you should still put out social media posts to keep your practice known in the area. If you have not started on your marketing strategy for last quarter 2017, then you will have to wait another 10 months to do it. As silly as it sounds to us in dentistry, people don't think about "Use it or Lose it" with their dental benefits. In fact, a large percentage of the population thinks that they have a $25 copay, just like their medical.

If you have missed the mark this year, there is a whole year just ahead! I would love to help you be ahead of the game in 2018! Contact www.completedentalpracticeconsulting.com for more information!

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