• Tonya Burns

Why should I hire a Practice Management Consultant?

Consulting can be a controversial subject in dental offices. Staff that have been through a program either love it or hate it. I personally hated consultants after I had one in my first dental practice. I swore that if I ever worked in a practice that had a consultant again, I was out of there! And here I am now, a Practice Management Consultant. Why? Because I met one that actually cared about the office and team and taught me to be better! The work day was easier, case acceptance was higher and the employees were happier. The concept of "Work Smarter, Not Harder" was burned into my head!

I took the knowledge I had gained from her and applied it in every office that I was in. Of course, I tweaked it with the times and the changes in dentistry, but I focused on the principals I learned. Why? BECAUSE THEY WORK!

I am amazed at the number of practices that don't have solid systems in place. Most dental practices have systems, but the system equates to what the person working the system does. So, when there are staff changes, the wheel has to be re-invented. GET OFF THE HAMSTER WHEEL!! Think about it. When you are prepping a tooth for a filling or crown, do you do it the same way every time? Of course you do. Whomever is assisting you does it your way. So why don't you run your practice the same way? Because it is easier to let the team decide how to do those things and do them the way they want. But how much money is it really costing you?

Every Dental Practice owner is doing himself/herself an injustice if you are not having an outside set of eyes give you a Comprehensive Exam. Dentist are fantastic about the clinical aspect of dentistry, because that is where their passion lies. So what is happening outside your operatory? Do you really even know? If the answer is yes, the bills are being paid and you are taking home what you think you should. But is your potential higher? If the answer is no, you are in so deep, you don't know where to start. In either situation, you owe it to yourself to have a second set of eyes give you an evaluation. What you do with it from there is your choice!

I can tell you every practice can use some form of help! The question is do you want the help? If it is no, that is absolutely ok. If it is yes, contact Complete Dental Practice Consulting today! We excel at analyzing dental practices and I am not just talking about through reports. We are in your office, walking a mile in your shoes. I am a firm believer in hands-on, on-site analysis and consulting! It is worth your time to make a phone call or email!




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