• Tonya Burns

Pediatric Dentistry - A whole different animal!

I spent a total of 12 years working and managing a pediatric dental practice. Do you know how it compares to General Dentistry or other specialties? IT DOESN'T! Who is giving you advice on how to run your practice?

Now, the systems used to manage your practice are the same, but the dynamic is completely different! How do you help a huge part of the population, who's parents are afraid of you and have projected those fears on their children? You change everything they know about dentistry!

It is an art to have a practice that can run on high volume, but not have a clinic feel. To make every patient and parent feel like they are the only people in the practice. To remember those details that parents tell you, that means the world to them. What is your practice like? Is your focus building long lasting relationships with the families that see you or fixing cavities? If the answer is fixing cavities, you need my help immediately!

The key to a successful practice is to wrap up the whole package with a beautiful bow! Decay, parents time, finances and patient care are the place to start. Then, get everyone in town talking about it. Marketing, Insurance and payment plans will help, but if you get everyone in town talking about what an amazing office you have, you can build your practice without spending all that marketing money! Instead of building a practice, build a legacy!

For more information, contact me at tonya@completedentalpracticeconsulting.com

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