• Tonya Burns

IS YOUR PRACTICE AFFORDABLE? Part 1 of the New Patient Process

So many practices never get the opportunity to show a prospective new patient what they have to offer. Why? Because of the answers given in that initial phone call. One frequent question asked, "Do you take payment arrangements?". The answer should always be Yes! Now, I am not suggesting that you let your patients pay you $25 a month for the rest of their life. That won't get you where you need to be.

What is a payment arrangement? If you accept insurance, you have made an arrangement. You are agreeing to accept what that insurance company pays, hoping that it matches your estimate. If you let your patients pay 1/2 at impression and 1/2 at delivery, that is an arrangement. In essence, if you have ever sent a statement in your practice, you take payment arrangements. The key, is to control the arrangement!

Do you have a written financial protocol? Do patients sign treatment plans? Do you collect at time of service or balance bill? If you answered no to any one of these questions, you need re-evaluate your system. Sure, signing treatment plans is time consuming and figuring insurance is a pain. If you have a systematic approach that starts with the initial phone call, it is all easily manageable and will attract patients to your office.

So often, dentist focus on what they produce and not what they collect. This can really hurt cash flow and overhead. Be confident in your skills, treatment and your team! Get the necessary systems in place to get more people in your door!

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