At Tonya Burns Pediatric Consulting, our top priority is YOU!  Our focus is to bring you the best pediatric consulting to maximize results.  We base our programs on training, system implementation, team building, structure and leadership.


Tonya will create your plan with doctor and team on how to get you the best results!

Tonya is also a coaching specialist.   We believe if someone is going to train a team, they need to be an expert in that area themselves.  Tonya has experience working in dental practices.  This has kept her up to date on the ever changing world of dentistry.  


The result?  The dental practice of your dreams!



You choose your program based on what you need!  Nothing is cookie cutter about us.  You tell us what you would like to accomplish in your dental practice.  We help build you a program to accomplish that goal. Whether it is a quick start or paced over several months, we will work with you to meet your needs and expectations.  

Let us help you turn your dreams into reality!