Our team has more than 140 years combined experience in dentistry.  What does that mean for you?  RESULTS!

  • Owner​
  • Consultant & Coach
  • Pediatric Dentistry Specialist
  • Consultant
  • Director of Coaching

Tonya Burns has dedicated her professional life to the dental community!  Her career started over 20 years ago, as a dental assistant and has progressed to Practice Management Consulting at the national level.  She has a beautiful family, including her husband Eric and their daughters Delaney and Hadlee.  She is active in her community, serving on the local youth soccer board, lake fireworks fundraising committee and as Director of New Members & Sponsors with her local AADOM chapter. 


Her passion and knowledge has allowed her to help dental practices across the nation.  Her experience in so many areas of the dental practice, pushes her exceptional success rates in the dental practices she consults in.  Helping dental practices organize and succeed is her top priority!  Her love of Pediatric Dentistry has driven her to form Complete Dental Practice Consulting.  Pediatric Dentistry is a dynamic of its own and does not follow the rules of other specialties.  Her 12 years of experience, in Pediatric Dentistry and Consulting, makes her the perfect option to grow any team!

Stephanie's journey into dentistry was different than many.  She studied Mathematics and Management at Daytona State College and George Mason University.  She brought that knowledge to a dental practice with a new owner.  She thought that would be a short stop on her professional career path, but over 17 years later her love and passion for dentistry continues to grow.  Her focus on the Patient Experience, Leadership in the Dental Practice, Team Building and Insurance (including Medicaid)  makes her a dynamic part of our knowledgable team.  Her experience has fueled practices she has worked with to more efficiency, higher production and a more positive team environment.  Let Stephanie show you how she can grow your practice, while having a fantastic workplace environment! 


  • Consultant

  • Coach

  • Endodontic Practice Specialist

Janie started her dental career in 1991 as sterilization technician for a very large general dental practice. She was quickly promoted to dental assistant where she spent 11 years learning about many different categories of dentistry. Janie is an EFDA in general dentistry but has also assisted in endodontics, pedodontics, oral surgery, periodontics and orthodontics.

She then wanted to learn more about the administrative side of dentistry. Within 2 years she was promoted to office manager.
Her passion for dentistry and efficient systems was something she wanted to share with those who needed fresh ideas and a “smarter not harder” way of life.


Janie has been a national dental practice consultant/coach since 2004. She brings her wide range of knowledge and personal experience to any dental practice she consults in. Helping doctors reach their personal, professional, and financial goals is her top priority. Connecting with team members on a professional and personal level is something that comes very natural to Janie. Teams feel as though she is not only their consultant but a trusted advisor that is also a friend looking out for what’s best for the entire team.

Endodontic practices are one of Janie‘s specialties. Paying very close attention to the aspects of a specialty practice, Janie can help you increase your revenue, lower your overhead, grow your referral base...all while delivering exceptional care to your patients and having fun doing it!


  • Consultant

  • Coach

     Amy is a real go-getter. She has worked as an EFDA for 20 years in a small practice that grew to a very busy practice. She has specialized in fillings, crowns, and cosmetic dentistry. She has enjoyed every minute of it as she has a passion for helping people. 

     She has trained many assistants to become expanded duties and Human Resources is one of her strong suits. She has managed the start up of a second location within the practice. Her vast knowledge of all things operative including scheduling, root canals, implants, dentures and all oral surgery will be an asset in helping you improve the production and flow of your practice


  • Consultant

  • Coach

Lisha has been in the dental field for over 20 years. Her dental career began as a dental assistant, from there she was introduced to the front office, and quickly moved into management.  Her focus is system implementation to ensure that the goals of her practice are met.   After 12 years in that area of the dental office, she wanted to share her love for dentistry with other dental practices.  There is where her consulting/coaching journey began. As a coach, she finds it very rewarding to work with teams who want to develop the skills to deliver exceptional care to patients. Organizing teams, implementing systems and achieving goals are a key part of the overall solutions she provides for increasing practice revenue and reducing stress.  Her attention to detail and knowledge of both administrative and clinical, make her an excellent practice management consultant.

Heather Waldron

  • Consultant

  • Coach

From a young age Heather knew she wanted to work in the dental field.  Starting in high school she worked with her childhood dentist filing charts and cleaning rooms. This opportunity confirmed her desire to work in the dental field and drove her to enroll at Indiana University to complete a degree in dental hygiene.

After practicing clinically for 15 years she transitioned into administration role in office management while specializing in insurance. Her drive for education and seeking to constantly expand her knowledge. She took a position in an oral surgery office where she honed her skills as a financial coordinator and surgical assistant. Expanding her expertise to specialize in Medical Billing and Insurance claims specialist. 


Understanding the need for better systems and standard operating procedures that help offices to not feel so overwhelmed and overworked as she had felt in the past drives her to help others. Specializing in helping office bill medical and working with Oral surgery specialist is her true calling and passion.


Tiffany Clements

  • Director of Client and Organizational Development

Tiffany is a very career driven individual with a variety of different career backgrounds and accomplishments.  Since the age of 7, she has dreamt about working in an admin environment after receiving her first desk and stationary kit for Christmas. The enjoyment of admin mixed with her medical curiosity sparked her desire to go down the medical admin path.  She just knew it was the path for her. “When you love what you do, you do it well! The passion comes easy


Tiffany's professional career started in healthcare as she worked administratively in various doctor's offices and hospitals where she worked with medical insurance billing/coding along with office administration. She also enjoyed a few clinical years as a phlebotomist. The experience working medical administration with a large number of patients on a larger scale and diversity helped with the transition into dentistry.


“My time in the dental field thus far working as client support specialist, previously account manager, has made me realize that working in this field, specifically at Complete Dental Practice Consulting is my true calling. I’ve never been happier with a career choice as I am now! I am always looking for new things to learn and opportunities for growth each and every day. I strive to provide new and creative ideas to the team and love the technological aspects of the industry. I enjoy challenges but what I crave is to reach, accomplish and exceed them for our clients.”

Jessica Kubit

  • Director of Marketing

Daun Gregory

  • Business Manager

Jessica's interest in marketing and business began in college as she received her bachelor's degree in retail marketing from Western Michigan University.  She has always been fascinated by how businesses market their products and services.  She considers herself a curious and inquisitive person that loves to learn new things.   With all the new platforms out there, including social media, there is a never ending amount to learn in the field of Marketing.  

After college, Jessica went on to work at Insight Enterprises (formerly Comark)  as a technology Buyer, working her way up from Buyer to Procurement Manager, managing a team of 15 and a budget of 500 million dollars.  Working in this field helped spur her love of technology and she frequently helps friends and family with all sorts of technology questions.


Jessica left her job at Insight after 11 years to become a full time Mom and Photographer, owning her own photography business for the last 11 years as well.    She enjoys photographing families along with the occasional headshot.


 Jessica began working for Complete Dental Practice Consulting in mid 2019 and is enjoying pulling all her skills together to help grow this amazing company!   The best part for her about this new opportunity is working with such an amazing team.

Daun started her career as a Purchasing Assistant for three years while she attended College for Special Education. After graduating from Indiana University at South Bend with a degree in Education she then moved into teaching and was a Special Education teacher for 4 years.   Daun then took a break from teaching to become a full time Mom to her two kids along with helping her husband at home with their various farm animals.    


Prior to working at CDPC she was working part time as a Pricing Specialist and Office Reports Specialist.  While working for us Daun has been doing double duty working for both our companies, Natural Look Dental Studio and Complete Dental Practice Consulting, as the Office/Business Manager.  

"I have been blessed to be with CDPC from the beginning. I have had the opportunity to watch Tonya continuously grow and develop the company. As the Business Manager I am able to implement my office skills I acquired in past positions as a Purchasing Assistant, Pricing Specialist and Office Report Manager. I am truly excited to be a part of this company, as it continues to grow and develop into wonderful things."


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